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We Are

About Us

QB Technology is a UK-based innovative modular construction company

We use modern methods of construction (MMC) and advanced digital tools to produce highly-engineered light gauge steel volumetric modular building systems off-site.

Our team combines decades of industry experience and is dedicated to meet the highest aspirations for quality, performance and value by bringing together technology, design, and supply chain innovations.

QB Technology
Construction, cubed.

Why Us

Our Values

Today, technology has revolutionised many parts of our lives. At QB Technology, we aim to do the same in the construction world. By combining cutting-edge digital tools with innovative manufacturing solutions, we aim to be a builder of tomorrow, today.

We give our clients greater project oversight by forecasting cost and timelines with greater accuracy
We aim to make the construction process as uncomplicated as possible for the people we work with
As a modular construction company based on technology, we are committed to always finding newer, better ways to build
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We Do

Our Services

At QB Technology, we don’t just manufacture

We offer complete, end-to-end commercial and residential building services – from design and manufacture, through delivery and installation, to finishing and handover.

Our Sectors

Our technology can be applied to a range of needs including:

  • Hotels
  • Purpose build to rent (BTR)
  • Residential housing
  • Student accommodation
  • Hospitals
  • Barracks
  • Temporary and permanent living
  • Rooftop extensions

Your Peace of Mind

Our manufacturing, assembly and on-site processes are tried, tested and trusted. We aim to offer a wide range of assurances and certifications including:

  • Appropriate test certificates as required to satisfy funding
  • Insurance-backed warranties
  • NHBC or similar certification for product and system (pending)
  • Accreditations for BS EN ISO 9001 Quality
  • Assurance and BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management

With Us

Experience tells us that the earlier we get involved in a project, the greater the benefit of our technology to our clients

The QB Technology Advantage

We are fully BIM-2 compliant. Our processes create buildings that far exceed regulatory requirements, without exceeding budgets
Reduced costs
Due to our efficient construction techniques, supply chain and inventory management, we are more productive and less wasteful. This lowers costs for developers and investors
Quality controlled
Our off-site controlled factory environment ensures the consistent high-quality of our buildings - right down to internal finishes and system testing
Our manufacturing process doesn’t need dry days to meet a project plan. Our factory can operate around the clock to meet tight deadlines, and in parallel with on-site infrastructure work, reducing on-site presence by a remarkable 40%
Our rigorous environmental management systems enable clients to track and trace our materials, ensuring the strictest procurement standards
Our technology gives clients control over the shape and design of their build, meeting 99% of architects’ design intent
Our volumetric cold-formed welded steel system combines strength with incredible accuracy, making it ideal for high-rise buildings and complex facades

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